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Event Information for Vocal Students

2014 Showcase

The 2014 Showcase has ended, and everyone did wonderful! I look forward to next year's events. Video compilations will be available shortly.

Community Performances

Make sure to come and see our students perform around the community! Our students have been invited to perform at Cranford Music Fest on September 20th at 4:30, as well as Scotch Plains Day at 1:00 on October 5th (on the main stage)! Make sure to stop by and see what they've been working on!

Allow me to Introduce Myself

My name is Kelly Bennett and I have been teaching voice for over 7 years. As my local Westfield Voice studio grows I truly enjoy getting to know so many wonderful singers and families in this area! I truly love offering vocal training to students locally. If you would like to learn more about my background, please feel free to click on the image above and read my bio!

Issues that students have found help with

  • Breath Support and "Connecting to the Body"
  • Singing with a Free and Clear Tone
  • Singing "On Pitch"
  • Projection and Diction
  • Increasing Chest/Head Voice Range
Click here to contact me if you would like help with your singing issues today.