Singing Lessons

Technique Based Singing Lessons
For Voice Students of Any Style

As an experienced New Jersey voice teacher for over 6 years, I offer singing lessons in Westfield, NJ as well as the surrounding areas to a number of local students of all ages. Many of those students have made incredible strides toward their professional and personal vocal goals.
During the course of voice and singing lessons, students are often given opportunities to perform with the studio as well as around the community and beyond. Select advanced voice students are also offered competition opportunities.

Vocal Training instead of Vocal Coaching

Rather than just offering voice coaching to students to learn and perform songs (though repertoire development is taught), I work with students during voice lessons to students on a technical vocal level.
As students develop the body as the instrument, almost any type of vocal performance can be achievable with dedication and consistent practice. I have found in my work that with focus on technique in singing lessons, students are capable of achieving much greater vocal progress than when they focus on song learning and style coaching.

The Voice as an Instrument

The voice is an instrument and should be learned and developed just as any other instrument. Taking the time and care to study the voice and learn the instrument is imperative to long term care and mastery of the instrument. I have worked with many students to remedy vocal issues, including voice breaks, breathiness in the voice, pitch issues, increasing range, breathing technique, and relieving jaw and tongue tension. Many of the technical areas which are focused help to increase range, develop tone, and create a more beautiful and natural sound in the voice.  Singing lessons are a wonderful way to develop strengths in the instrument.