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Welcome to Kelly Bennett Voice Studio

Westfield, NJ Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are given on an individual basis. Voice students receive personalized instruction in order to correct technical issues and release vocal tension throughout the body.

It is my experience that any student, regardless of their current ability level, can learn to sing beautifully with power with private voice instruction. Students are given instruction on an individual basis to correct vocal issues which may be causing singing difficulty.

Voice lessons are given on a weekly basis, and students are expected to practice to maintain a space in the studio.

Anyone Can Learn to Sing

If you love to sing, and are willing to work for it, you can learn to sing. Click here to contact me today for more information!

Voice Lessons Kenilworth

Students Accomplishments

My students have been featured as leads in school and community musical theater productions, as soloists in local and regional choirs, have been accepted into High School level All-State and Regions choirs as well. Some have even performed as lead singers in cover and original bands, as well as in solo acts.

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Performance Opportunities

Students enrolled in voice lessons are provided and offered opportunities to perform locally in community and in showcases, including Local fairs, music festivals and showcases for students of all ages and levels.

Allow me to Introduce Myself

My name is Kelly Bennett and I have been teaching voice for over 7 years. As my local Westfield Voice studio grows I truly enjoy getting to know so many wonderful singers and families in this area! I truly love offering vocal training to students locally. If you would like to learn more about my background, please feel free to click on the image above and read my bio!

Issues that students have found help with

  • Breath Support and "Connecting to the Body"
  • Singing with a Free and Clear Tone
  • Singing "On Pitch"
  • Projection and Diction
  • Increasing Chest/Head Voice Range
Click here to contact me if you would like help with your singing issues today.