School Musical Auditions

Get Ready for School Musical Auditions!

December is a wonderful time of year full of family, gift giving and wonderful celebrations.  However, let’s not forget that tis’ the season for… SCHOOL MUSICAL AUDITIONS!

While many students look forward to auditioning for the first experiences of many productions to come, having a plan can help alleviate nerves and discomfort.  Knowing the show, preparing with your teacher (or on your own if you don’t study privately) and learning how to showcase your voice and acting skills in the best way can help your chances at a successful audition.

Keep in mind – a successful audition does not mean you will get the part you want.  Many students have amazing auditions but aren’t right for a particular part in their school’s production.  Remember not to take these things personally, and allow yourself to try again if you want to participate in the future.

When choosing the song, remember to sing something that shows you at your best now, not where you hope to be in the future.  This can be a difficult decision, as sometimes the songs we love as singers are songs that we aren’t quite ready for now.  The song should be easy and comfortable.  The throat and chest shouldn’t feel squeezed.  If you run into issues like this, contact a local teacher to help you prepare for the audition.

Memorize and practice in front of a mirror.  Try out different styles of performance and go with what you have the most fun with.  Any casting director, from middle schools to the Broadway stage,  much prefer to watch an audition where someone is having fun and enjoying themselves on stage.

Practice as much as you can (without forgetting about homework and other obligations).  Don’t take the results personally – Just go in and have a great audition.  The rest is out of your hands.

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